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10. I want to purchase a flat. What should I do before I sign the provisional sale and purchase agreement and pay the initial deposit?

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Ask your agent or the vendor whether there is anything that may lower the value of the flat, or better still, try to obtain a copy of the land search record about the flat.


What is a land search?


A land search is a search of the Government Land Registry to obtain the history of the flat and other relevant information. For example, it will show you things like:


6. I suspect that my sales executive has repeatedly sent client details to a rival company and I want to dismiss him. Can I terminate his employment contract immediately without giving him advance notice or wages in lieu of notice?

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With reference to section 9 of the Employment Ordinance, employers may summarily dismiss their employees without advance notice or wages in lieu of notice if their employees:


a. wilfully disobey any lawful and reasonable orders;
b. are guilty of misconduct;
c. are guilty of fraud or dishonesty; or
d. are habitually neglectful in their duties.

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