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2. Number of jurors

Under section 3 of the Jury Ordinance (Cap. 3), the number of jurors on trial will consist of 7 persons except where the court or the judge orders that the jury will consist of 9 persons.  


Where any juror who has been selected cannot be served, the Registrar of the High Court will select a further juror to complete the number required for the formation of a panel of jurors.  The panel of jurors will attend and serve for a period as directed by the judge.


No juror will be excused from attendance and service for the period as directed unless they have been discharged by the judge to which they have been called to serve as a juror.


Where a member of the jury dies or is discharged by the court, the trial shall proceed in a manner as if the full number of jurors had continued to serve on the jury, and any verdict returned by the remaining jurors, being a unanimous verdict or a majority verdict shall be of equal validity as if it had been returned by a jury consisting of the full number of jurors.


Yet, it must be noted that the jury will need to consist of not less than 5 persons.