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2. Which buildings have to carry out the MBIS and/or the MWIS?

Not all buildings meeting the building age requirements (30 years for the MBIS and 10 years for the MWIS) have to carry out the MBIS and the MWIS.


The Buildings Department (BD) issues statutory notices to the owners of buildings targeted to carry out of the prescribed inspection and any repairs that may be required.


Each year, 2000 buildings are selected for both the MBIS and MWIS, to be carried out concurrently, and another 3800 buildings are selected for only the MWIS.


The target buildings are selected by the BD with the advice of a selection panel comprising representatives from professional institutions, relevant non-governmental organisations, property management professionals, District Councils and relevant Government departments.


The selection criteria include building age and condition, and the recent history of repairs to the building. The selection also reflects the need to cover different districts and the history of inclusion in large scale BD enforcement operations.