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F. After a preliminary review of a complaint, what are the possible actions that the Commission would take?

  1. The Commission may take no further action, and provide an explanation to the complainant in written form explaining such outcome. However, it may later re-consider the complaint, for example when additional evidence is obtained, or when a pattern of such conduct arises which starts to be a concern, or if the Commission has more capacity to investigate such issue.
  2. The Commission may take no further action and recommend the complaint to refer the complaint to another agency, and write to the complainant to explain this outcome.
  3. The Commission may review the matter further by conducting an initial assessment. During the initial assessment phase, the Commission will identify if it is reasonable to conduct an investigation, and if there is sufficient evidence to support that the case is contravening the competition rule(s).

[Source: Commission’s Guideline on Complaints Paras 5.1 – 5.3 and Commission’s Guideline on Investigations Paras 3.1 & 7.24]