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E. Lands Tribunal referral and appeal mechanisms in respect of payment of the HPA

Statutory compensation


In the event that an agreement as to the amount of statutory compensation (if any) cannot be reached between the claimant and the Government, either party may submit a claim to the Lands Tribunal for a determination of the amount of the compensation. The figure awarded is then binding on both the claimant and the Government. Any previous offer from the HPA will be withdrawn upon referral of the case to the Lands Tribunal.


Ex-gratia allowance


An owner who considers himself aggrieved by the decision of the Director of Lands in respect of the payment of the HPA(on contentious issues regarding the eligibility for the HPA, the calculation of floor area for payment of the HPA, or other related matters)can, within 60 days of the decision, submit an appeal in writing to the Appeals Committee.


The Appeals Committee, after a hearing and investigation, then makes a determination on the decision of the Director of Lands, if necessary.


If the Director of Lands does not accept the determination, the case then goes to the Secretary for Development who reviews the case and makes a final decision on it.


Appeals on the unit rate (i.e. dollars per square metre) of the notional replacement flats are considered by the Director of Lands. Legal owners are required to submit an appeal in writing within two months from the date of an offer of compensation.