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F. Questions and Answers

3. What do organisers need to do to organize public meetings and processions?

Assuming the public meeting and/or procession is one that requires prior notification to the Commissioner of Police, before the proposed meeting or procession, the organisers must inform the police of his intention to hold the same one week in advance. The police may enquire in writing or by way of meetings with the organisers details of the proposed public meeting or procession.


In general, the organisers should be familiar with the locales of the proposed public meeting and the routes of the public procession. The organisers should estimate the number of participants and determine the venues to use for the public meeting. The organiser should book such venues with relevant authorities. For the public procession, the organisers should consider whether highways need to be closed to facilitate the procession; if so, they should discuss with the Transport Department and Highways Department about road closure and bus route diversion plans.


The organisers should mobilise a team of marshals sufficient to maintain public order and safety during the public meeting and procession. First aid stations may also need to be set up in the meeting location and along the procession route. The organisers shall nominate to the police a contact person, who must be present throughout the procession.