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3. Have you set your Internet browser to ask you before accepting a "cookie"?

Cookies are small files that can be stored in your computer when you visit a web page. When you visit a web site, the server of that site may request a unique ID from your Internet browser. If your browser does not have an ID, that server will deliver one to your computer and this is the process of "passing a cookie". Sometimes when you visit a web site, you may be asked to fill in a form providing information such as your name and interests, and such information may also be stored in cookies. The host of that web site may then use cookies to track your behaviour and interests.


To enhance the degree of security of your browser, you may consider setting an option in your browser to ask your permission to accept a cookie each time one is presented. You may also use "anonymous cookies" software. You can search the Internet using the word "cookies" to find software that can keep your computer clear of cookies or make your cookies files ineffective for access. This would help to reduce your loss of privacy.