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4. Are you annoyed about direct marketing e-mails addressed to you?

Under section 34 of the Ordinance, a company in Hong Kong that makes a direct marketing approach to you has an obligation to offer you an "opt-out" opportunity not to receive further marketing information from it. This gives you the right to request the sender to stop sending marketing e-mails to you.


You should also take precautions to avoid receiving unsolicited advertising e-mails. To reduce the chances of making yourself a marketing target, you should avoid registering with free e-mail services or e-mail directory services. If you use a "signature file" (note) in your e-mail correspondence , you should be careful not to provide unnecessary details about yourself in the signature file which may expose you as a marketing target.


(Note: A signature file is small text file that can be automatically attached to the end of e-mail messages. It may include the sender's name, job title, company name, phone/fax number, etc.)