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1. What should I do if I want to obtain free preliminary legal advice from the Scheme?

Step 1: 

You should first attend any of the District Offices (or other referral agencies) to make an appointment to meet the volunteer lawyer. In general, you should be able to meet a volunteer lawyer within two weeks of making an appointment. In emergencies an urgent appointment to see a lawyer may be arranged.


At the time of making the appointment, the staff of the District Office will take down the detailed background of your case. You will be asked to choose one of the Advice Centres at which you want to meet the volunteer lawyer for the advice session. An appointment card containing details of the date & time of the appointment and address of the Advice Centre will then be given to you.


The case paper will then be sent to the Duty Lawyer Service where the case will be vetted and processed. Suitable cases will be sent to volunteer lawyers for preparation to give advice on the day of appointment. All the details of the cases are treated with strict confidence. No appointment will be arranged for clients who refuse to disclose details of their cases at the time they make the appointment.


Step 2:


You should then punctually go to the Advice Centre of your choice on the appointment date to meet the volunteer lawyer. You must bring with you the appointment card and all the documents relevant to your case.