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2. Will I be denied legal service under the Free legal Advice Scheme

Your request for free legal advice may be refused in limited circumstances. The Free Legal Advice Scheme aims to serve those members of the public who have genuine legal problems and who would not normally be able to afford fees for private legal advice. Therefore, the Duty Lawyer Service has issued guidelines under which free legal services will be refused in the following situations:


  1. Cases involving legal issues other than Hong Kong Law (for example the question posed involves PRC laws);
  2. Cases involving building management, incorporated owners; and deeds of mutual covenant. Legal advice however will be given to individuals who are tenants/owners of a building and who come to seek advice in their individual capacity as owner/occupier/tenant of a building but not to incorporated owners or members seeking advice on behalf of incorporated owners;
  3. Cases not involving a legal problem (for example how to apply for public housing, how to apply for a passport in another country);
  4. Clients who have been granted Legal Aid;
  5. Clients who have already engaged private lawyers to deal with their cases;
  6. Clients who wish to set up a business and request the volunteer lawyer to draft a contract for their future use;
  7. Clients who are officers and/or representatives of a company incorporated or registered under theCompanies Ordinance (Cap. 32 of the Laws of HKSAR) who seek advice on behalf of the company;
  8. Clients who are officers and/or representatives of a corporation who seek advice on behalf of the corporation;
  9. Clients repeatedly seeking advice from the Service concerning the same case and/or the same issues.