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6. What should I do if I want to obtain Legal Aid?

You should go to the Legal Aid Department's Headquarters at 25/F, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong (near Admiralty MTR Station) to make the application. You should bring along all documents related to your financial situation (for example, your bank passbooks and monthly statements, salary slips, rent receipts, mortgage repayment schedule, Tax Assessment, documentary proof of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance etc). You should also bring along all documents related to your case. For enquiries, you may telephone 2537 7677 (24-hour Interactive Voice Processing System) or 2537 7661 (Headquarters) or email


If you are remanded in custody, you may apply through the Correctional Services Department. You can tell the prison staff that you want to apply for Legal Aid, and they will help you fill in the application form and forward it to the Legal Aid Department. Upon receipt of your application form, in most cases, an officer of the Legal Aid Department will visit you in prison to discuss the case with you.


You do not have to pay any application fee.