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7. I completed a two-year-contract of employment and received a lump sum contract gratuity. Then I renewed my contract with my employer for another two years. Do I have to report the entire sum for the first contract's gratuity in this year's tax return? Can I apply to spread it evenly as my income over the two years covered by the first contract?

You must report this lump sum gratuity payment in this year's tax return. Please include the amount of the contract gratuity in the "Total amount" under item (1), Part 4.1 of the tax return. However, you may apply to have the lump sum related back to the period in respect of which the payment was made.




Details of income from Company A during the year 2015/16:  



Contract gratuity for the past two years (period : 1/7/2013 - 30/6/2015)




Contract gratuity may be related back to relevant years as follows:

1/7/2013 - 31/3/2015

$150,000 / 24 months x 21 months = $131,250
-- as income related back evenly to the years of assessment 2013/14 and 2014/15 (i.e. your income in those years would be re-assessed together with any un-utilized allowances and deductions.)

1/4/2015 - 30/6/2015

$150,000 / 24 months x 3 months = $18,750 
-- as income for the year of assessment 2015/16


Before you decide to relate back your gratuity, you should check with the Inland Revenue Department or a professional accountant to see if there is any “advantage” for such action.