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2. I received a Property Tax Return (B.I.R.57) last week. When should I return it to the Inland Revenue Department? Do I have to attach any supporting documents to the Return as proof for the figures that I filled in? Can I file my Tax Return via the Internet?

You should submit the Return to the IRD within 1 month from the date of issue of the Return.


However, if your case meets the criteria specified by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, you may choose to file the Return by means of "tele-filing" or through the Internet, and an extension of 2 weeks will be granted automatically. To know more about electronic filing, please click here.


You are not required to attach supporting documents at the time of filing the Return. The law requires the owners to keep and retain sufficient rental records for 7 years. You have to provide documents as evidence for deductions/claims when the Assessor requires you to do so.