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4. I am travelling to a city at early morning of the day and will return before midnight.  Do I still need to buy any travel insurance for such a short trip? Can I just buy the one offered by airline companies at the time when I purchase my air ticket online?  

Given the relatively low level of premium and the potential adverse consequence of being uncovered by insurance, it would probably be in your interest to have your trip covered by travel insurance, regardless of its duration. 


Some airline companies and travel agencies are licensed insurance agencies and they do offer to their customers their principal insurers’ travel insurance plans. You may choose to purchase through them an insurance plan that meet your needs. Please note that the policy is a contract of insurance between the travel insurer and you. Your purchase decision should not be lightly made without an understanding of the terms and conditions of the travel insurance plan. Further, when you purchase air tickets online, you should check whether any add-on insurance service has been opted-in or not (i.e. whether the box to purchase has already been pre-checked for you) to avoid paying for a policy that you are not intended to buy.