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1. I have already purchased my air ticket and travel insurance for my next trip. However, it appears there is political instability in the country I am going to visit. What should I do?

Apart from your personal safety concern, you should note that there are two aspects of travel insurance that may be relevant to your travel plan.


The aspect is a common exclusion that loss arising from a direct or indirect consequence of war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, civil war, rebellion, revolution, riot, performing duties as a member of armed forces or other law enforcing agencies would be excluded for cover.   


The other aspect relates to trip cancellation or curtailment cover. Generally speaking, trip cancellation cover entitles you to claim back wasted expenses which are not recoverable from any other party (e.g. non-refundable air ticket fare) if your trip is cancelled as a direct result of an insured risk. Similar, there may as well be trip curtailment cover in your policy.  Generally speaking, cover for curtailment entitles you to claim back a pro-rata refund of any pre-paid accommodation, car hire or holiday excursions you will no longer be able to use following your return home. Under some policies, curtailment will also cover reasonable travel expenses you have had to pay on your return journey unless travel has been arranged for you by your travel insurer.


You should review your policy and consider whether it is appropriate for you to proceed with your trip. Contact your insurer and ask about scope of coverage in your policy, especially if you are planning not to proceed with your travel plan.