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3. I am a frequent traveller as I like to visit different countries to appreciate the beauty of nature and mountain scene. Are there any tips for me in buying travel insurance?

In addition to the matters as discussed in Section C above, the following matters may be relevant to you.


Firstly, you can choose between a single-trip policy and an annual policy depending on your travel frequency. If you travel with sufficient frequency, buying an annual travel insurance policy may help you to save money and also the trouble from purchasing a new travel insurance each time before travelling. 


Secondly, you should review the territory(ies) covered by your travel insurance. While some policies provide worldwide cover, other policies may limit its cover to certain countries (e.g. Asian countries or European countries) at varying premiums. Even if you have purchased an annual policy, you should also check whether the country(ies) you are going to visit is within the covered territories of your annual policy each time before you travel.


The third issue is the activities you are going to planning to do covered or not covered under your insurance plan. Some examples of high risk activities and extreme sports are paragliding and kitesurfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, skydiving, trekking, surfing, skiing and snowboarding. The cover for these activities. When in doubt, you should always contact your insurer to clarify the coverage issue.