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1. What should I do if I want to obtain legal advice or representation under the Bar Free Legal Service Scheme?

Step 1: You must first complete the Scheme's application form.


If you cannot obtain Legal Aid because you have exceeded its financial eligibility limit, you must provide, in your application, a brief explanation of your financial resources (income/savings/expenditure) and those of your family or others from whom you might reasonably be expected to look for help.


If you have applied for Legal Aid and have been refused, either on the grounds of financial ineligibility or on the merits, you must provide information about the Director of Legal Aid's decision and also any appeal against that decision. If the Scheme takes the view that the refusal of Legal Aid may be wrong, it may provide assistance or legal representation to help you challenge the refusal.


Step 2: You should then submit the completed application form together with one copy of all relevant documents to the Bar Free Legal Service Scheme of the Hong Kong Bar Association at LG2 High Court, 38 Queensway, Hong Kong.


You should ensure that you have provided sufficient information and documents for your case to be considered properly. Normally, you should include a copy set of all the contractual documents and court documents in the proceedings (such as pleadings, witness statements, judgments or decisions) as well as advice or correspondence previously received from barristers and/or solicitors.


If a case is urgent, for example because of approaching deadlines or hearing dates, this should be highlighted in the application. The Scheme will not normally be able to provide representation without at least 28 days advance notice of any Court hearing. If assistance is needed within a shorter period, the applicant must explain why the application is not made earlier. However there is no guarantee that the Scheme can respond to an urgent request.


For enquiries, you may telephone 2869 0210 or email