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3. How to commence the taxation of costs?

Generally, you shall prepare and file with the Court two documents in commencement of taxation within 3 months of the costs order made by the Court, i.e. (1) Notice of Commencement of Taxation; and (2) Bill of Costs. Samples of the said documents can be found at Appendices D and B to Practice Direction 14.3 respectively.


Generally, the contents of a Bill of Costs include:

  1. the title of the action;
  2. the relevant costs order, setting out the date and by whom it was made;
  3. the fee earner and the hourly rate claimed;
  4. the items of work done, by whom and on what dates they were done. The items should be numbered and in chronological order;
  5. the costs charged on each item of work.
  6. the disbursements such as counsel's fees, expert fees and court fees;
  7. costs of taxation; and
  8. the total amount of all costs claimed.