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1. How can the parties prepare the bundle of documents before going to the trial (copies of the documents that will be placed before the judge and the relevant parties at the trial)?

If the parties intend to place documents before the trial judge, it is their responsibility to seek to agree and prepare a paginated (i.e. each page of the bundle off documents must be numbered, for easy reference and identification) bundle of documents in loose-leaf files. The bundle must be lodged with the court at least three clear working days before the trial date . (Each party should also have an identical bundle for their own use at the trial. There should be a spare bundle for the witnesses as well.)


The documents can be copy documents (including photocopies) but they must be legible. The original documents, if available, should be ready for inspection at the trial. The documents should be arranged in chronological order according to their dates.


Please refer to Practice Direction 5.6 (Documents for use at trial) for further guidance.