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2. On creditors or employees of the company

After a winding-up order has been granted by the Court, the company's creditors will be asked to attend the “First Meeting of Creditors and Contributories”. A statement of the company's affairs (Form 23), which is prepared by the director or responsible officer of the wound-up company, will be presented at the meeting. This statement is similar to a balance sheet of the company and contains details of all the company's assets and liabilities.


Furthermore, resolutions may be passed in relation to the further conduct of the winding-up, such as whether or not to apply for the appointment of a liquidator in place of the provisional liquidator, and whether or not to appoint a committee of inspection.


If the creditors wish to attend the meeting but are unable to do so, they may send proxies to represent their interests and to vote on behalf of them. A creditor can appoint someone to attend the meeting and to vote on the creditor's behalf by completing either a General Proxy From or a Special Proxy Form (if the creditor has a decision on a particular resolution), and return the relevant form to the Official Receiver's Office.