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6. If my injury was partly caused by my own negligence and partly another person's fault, would the compensation be reduced? How would the level or percentage of such a reduction be decided?

Contributory negligence is negligence in which the Plaintiff "contributes to the cause" of the accident.  Contributory negligence is a point for the defendant to raise, not you, and the burden is on the defendant to establish the existence of your contributory negligence.


Where any person suffers damage partly due to his own fault and partly due to the fault of any other person or persons, a claim in respect of that damage shall not be defeated by reason of the fault of the person suffering the damage, but the damages recoverable in respect thereof shall be reduced to such extent as the court thinks just having regard to the claimant's share of the responsibility for the damage.  Contributory negligence is often expressed as a percentage based on the plaintiff’s share of the responsibility for the injury.