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VII. How much could my claim be worth?

It is difficult to provide exact figures as regards how much compensation a successful claim for a personal injury would bring because each case is different in circumstances and no one case will be exactly the same as another.


In general terms a compensation claim for personal injury will be calculated by taking into account the past and future financial cost caused by the injuries sustained in the accident, the pain and suffering that was caused as a result, and the interest that has accrued from the time that the proceedings were served. The court would also consider any amount payable from the financial loss attributable to the injuries caused by the accident and legal costs.


The main objective of compensation is to place the claimant (person making the claim) in the position that they would have enjoyed had the accident not occurred, insofar as monetary compensation can achieve this.  The usual remedies include :



It is recommended that you consult a lawyer for a detailed explanation of how to organize and proceed with a claim for damages.