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“In Fatal Accident Cases” (including Medical Negligence cases)

(a)      the name and date of birth of each dependant and their status e.g. student at university or nature of employment;


(b)      the deceased's date of birth, occupation and income on the date of the accident;


(c)       any special damages claimed for losses and expenses already incurred (including loss of dependency);


(d)      an estimate of any future expenses and losses, including loss of dependency, and, where practicable, the multiplier or range of multipliers claimed in respect of such future losses and expenses;


(e)      an estimate of the claim for loss of accumulation of wealth, including, where practicable, a statement of all material facts relied upon in support of the claim and a statement of how such claim has been calculated, including, where appropriate, the multiplier or range of multipliers used in the calculations; and


(f)        the amount claimed as damages for bereavement and / or loss of society.