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2. How to prepare for an appeal?

You should start with your intended appeal by filing and serving a Notice of Appeal within the time limit. This Notice should set out at least the main grounds of appeal.


Afterwards, the Registrar will send an initial appeal bundle to all parties concerned when it is ready.


If the appellant or the respondent would like to incorporate additional materials to the appeal bundle, leave from the Court is required. In particular, if the appellant or the respondent would like to obtain the trial transcripts and to insert them to the appeal bundle, the court may direct the applicant to provide reasons in support of such kind of application.


An appeal judge may give directions on the timeframe for parties to file the perfected grounds of appeal and skeleton submissions. The judge may also direct "for mention" hearings to ensure the case is ready. When it is ready, a date will be fixed for hearing the leave to appeal.


After hearing the appeal (or dealing with it on paper) the appeal judge(s) may dismiss or allow an appeal orally and / or reserve written judgment to be handed down or delivered on a date to be fixed.