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3. Is it a must to be detained for 48 hours after being arrested?



Upon completion of preliminary investigation, the Police will, depending on the circumstances of the case, consider:


 (1) charging the arrestee, and detaining the arrestee until he or she is taken to appear before the court, or releasing the arrestee on bail pending his or her appearance before the court.  The arrestee will generally not be detained for more than 48 hours;

 (2) in case the Police cannot complete the investigation into the case forthwith, releasing the arrestee on bail, and the arrestee shall appear at the police station at a specified time subsequently; or

 (3) releasing the arrestee unconditionally.


Where a warrant for your arrest and detention under any law relating to deportation is applied for while inquiries are being conducted, you may be detained for a period not ordinarily exceeding 72 hours after your arrest.