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6. Complaint mechanism of public transport

Transport Complaints Unit


The Transport Complaints Unit (TCU) was set up under the Transport Advisory Committee in 1980 to receive and handle complaints and suggestions from the public on transport matters. All the complaints and suggestions received by TCU will be referred to the relevant government departments and public transport operators for follow-up action (extract from the homepage of the Transport Advisory Committee, Transport Complaints Unit at


Citizens who would like to launch a complaint on transport or traffic matters may access and fill in the complaint form at For complaint on taxis, please fill in the Taxi Complaint Form.


Transport Department


The Transport Department is the authority for administering the Road Traffic Ordinance and legislation for the management of road traffic, regulation of public transport services and operation of major transport infrastructures (extract from the homepage of the Transport Department at


The Commissioner for Transport in the Transport Department is responsible for the management of traffic and transport planning in HK. The role of the Commissioner for Transport includes that to register and license vehicles, rails and bus operators. The regulation of registration and licensing of vehicles can be found under Section 6 of the Road Traffic Ordinance (Cap 374).




The public should report to the HK Police Force if it is apparent to them laws under any Ordinance, Regulation and By-laws are contravened. Law enforcement and investigation proceedings will be commenced thereon. The contact details of police report rooms can be found at


In relation to road safety enforcement, if a driver (a) is involved in a traffic accident; (b) has committed a traffic offence while the vehicle is in motion; or (c) is suspected of driving under the influence of specified illicit drugs or other drugs or driving after use or consumption of specified illicit drugs, a police officer may require the driver to undergo one or more of the following preliminary drug tests either at roadside or in a police station (a) Drug Influence Recognition Observation; (b) Impairment Test (extract from