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Q2. Is the bicycle with one of the wheels removed allowed to be carried into the MTR paid areas?

According to Regulation 4A of the Mass Transit Railway By-laws (Cap. 556B), no person shall pass or attempt to bring, pass, drive or conduct any bicycle across the railway premises or any part thereof at any time except by notice published by or on behalf of the MTR Corporation Limited under this by-law nor shall any such person omit to shut or refasten any gate, door, chain or barrier as soon as he and any conveyance, animal or other thing has passed through the same.


According to Cycling Information Centre of Transport Department of the Government of the HKSAR – Bicycle Carriage Arrangement on Public Transport, (see:, passengers who wish to carry bicycle on board MTR train services have to fold up the bicycle, making it to fall within the allowable baggage size limit, i.e. the total dimension (length and width and height) does not exceed 170 cm and the length of any one side of the luggage does not exceed 130 cm) so that it may be brought into MTR premises. However, if the bicycle size does not meet the size specifications, MTR Corporation Limited allows entry as long as the front wheel is removed to meet the size requirement.


To let passenger understand clearly the relevant conditions of carriage of luggage, MTR Corporation Limited has posted allowable size limits of luggage and the associated conditions at station concourse for the notice of the public.


Passengers travelling on the MTR trains with luggage (including folded bicycle) in compliance with allowable size limits should take care to avoid causing nuisance to other passengers.