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1. If I want to lodge a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission, what information do I need to provide? How can I lodge a complaint?

You need to lodge your complaint in writing and provide the following information:


  • details of the discriminatory acts and the dates involved;
  • your personal information including your name and contact information. Other information required includes: sex or state of pregnancy (for sex discrimination), nature of your disability (for disability discrimination), or marital status and number of children (for family status discrimination), or race (for race discrimination);
  • name of the discriminator/respondent (i.e. name of the person or company that discriminated against you) and their contact information;
  • information supporting your claim of discrimination, harassment, vilification or victimisation;
  • details of any detriment or emotional disturbance you have suffered because of the discriminatory acts;
  • information pertaining to any witness(es), such as their contact information and what they witnessed.

If you have difficulties in preparing a written complaint, you can call the EOC enquiry hotline at 2511 8211 or e-mail the EOC at .


You may lodge your complaint through the EOC's on-line complaint form, by fax at 2106 2324, by post, or in person at 16/F., 41 Heung Yip Road,Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.


After a complaint is received, the EOC will first investigate the complaint and decide if the complaint has substantial grounds. If the complaint does not have substantial grounds, it will be discontinued. If there are substantial grounds, the EOC may proceed to conciliation or decide to start legal proceedings.