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2. My wife is an Australian. I want her to come to Hong Kong and live with me. What do I have to do?

For spouses from overseas (other than Mainland China), if they wish to enter Hong Kong to reside, they need to apply for a dependant visa. They must show that they are dependants of their spouses who are either Hong Kong permanent resident or a resident who is not subject to a limit of stay (i.e. a resident with the right to land or on unconditional stay).


The following conditions must be satisfied for a successful dependant visa application:

  • Reasonable proof of a genuine relationship between the applicant (“dependant”) and the spouse residing in Hong Kong (“sponsor”);
  • the applicant should be of clear criminal records and raise no security or criminal concerns for the HKSAR;
  • the sponsor can substantially support the dependant and provide suitable accommodation during his/her stay in Hong Kong.


For more details, please refer to Matrimonial Matters > Marriage and co-habitant issues > Marrying non-HK residents.