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M. Records of marital status

Any individual with marriage registered in Hong Kong and wish to obtain a certified copy of marriage certificate, can apply for a search of marriage records and / or a certified copy of marriage certificate. A certified copy of the marriage certificate would be provided, or if the marriage record is not found or there is no application to have a certified copy of marriage certificate, a result slip of the marriage record search would be provided.


An individual can apply for a certificate of absence of marriage record to prove that he/she has no registered marriage in Hong Kong. However, if the search result shows there are marriage record(s) in Hong Kong, a letter of marriage record indicating the date(s) of your previous marriage(s) will be issued.


If the applicant is NOT the registered subject (the bridegroom or the bride), relevant person (the parent/legal guardian of the registered subject under the age of 18) or person with written consent from the registered subject/relevant person, the request must be in person or by post with supplementary information, including the relationship with the registered subject, the purpose(s) and the intended use of the search result and/or requested records, and all supporting documents, if any, to support the request.


Explanation as to why the consent registered subject/relevant person is not obtained may be required. For example, applicant for a marriage record may provide death certificate of registered subject and proof of relationship with the deceased persons (birth certificate) to explain that a record is required for probate purposes. Another example is an official request from official/governmental authorities requiring a record for certain purpose or use. Each application would be assessed on its individual merits.