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Q4. What can I do if my driving recorder has recorded the happening of a traffic offence on the road?


First of all, as an ordinary citizen, you are not the right person to decide whether that is an offence or not. We suggest that you should pass the video clip (i.e. the memory card containing the video clip) to the Police and let the professionals do their job.


We do not recommend passing the memory card to any party involved in the traffic incident. The obvious reason is: you do not know which party has committed an offence (if any) in the incident; the apparent victim could actually be the offender. Then you may have passed a valuable evidence to the offender and give him/her an opportunity to destroy the evidence. Certainly you do not want to make that kind of mistake.


You should also be prepared to be requested by the Police to give evidence in the Court to verify the authenticity of your recording.