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Q2. I am a visually impaired person. I crossed the road without noting that the pedestrian light was on red. I am charged with jaywalking. Is it a defence that I am a visually impaired person?


Regulation 33(6) of the Road Traffic (Traffic Control) Regulations (Cap. 374G) prescribes that every pedestrian at a crossing that has traffic lights shall comply with the prevailing light signal. Even though regulation 61(2) provides that contravention of regulation 33(6) may be forgiven if there is a “reasonable excuse”, it is believed that visual impairment does not constitute a “reasonable excuse”, otherwise all visually impaired person is entitled to jaywalking. A visually impaired person does not enjoy any exemption. As a result, iniquitous as it may be, being visually impaired is not a defence or excuse for jaywalking.