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7. Besides the above-mentioned compensations, am I entitled to other payments (e.g. medical expenses) for my work injury?

Medical Expenses


Unless your employer has provided adequate free medical treatment to you, your employer is liable to pay medical expenses for the period during which you receive medical treatment from a registered medical practitioner or registered dentist until the attending medical practitioner or dentist certifies that no further treatment is required. Your employer must also reimburse the medical expenses to you within 21 days upon receiving the medical fee receipts.


The daily maximum amount of medical expenses payable is as follows:


  • either in-patient treatment or out-patient treatment: $200; or
  • both in-patient and out-patient treatment on the same day: $280.


Prostheses and Surgical Appliances (if any)


If you require a prosthesis or surgical appliance due to a work injury, then your employer is also liable to pay:


  • the initial costs of supplying and fitting the prosthesis or surgical appliance, subject to a maximum amount of $36,430; and
  • the probable costs of repair and renewal of such an item for the 10 years after the initial fitting of the item, subject to a maximum amount of $110,390.