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3. What should I do if I decide to file a claim?

  1. You can call the 24-hour Telephone Appointment Booking System of the Labour Tribunal at 2625 0056 to make an appointment for filing of claim.
  2. On the filing date, you should report your attendance at the Registry of the Tribunal. You should also verify the name and address of the person, firm or company that you are claiming against (the Defendant). These particulars should be completely accurate so that a copy of your claim can be effectively served on the Defendant. A post office box number will not be considered as a valid address.
  3. Next, a Tribunal Officer will interview you and your witnesses to obtain statements and other relevant information. Based on the information that you provide, the Officer will generate:
    • a Title to Claim (Form 1), bearing the names and addresses of both Claimant and Defendant; and
    • a Form of Claim (Form 2), showing the details of your claim, including the claim items, the amount claimed, and how you have calculated the amount.
  4. You will sign Form 2 if you are acting as an individual. The sole-proprietor of a firm, or a partner of a partnership business, or a director, secretary or other authorised officer of an incorporated company bearing an authorization letter will sign the form if the claim is lodged by an employer against an employee.

You can complete all of the necessary forms in Chinese or English.